Monthly Archives: October 2014

So! It’s been over a month I don’t work in a regular corporate 9-to-5 job. But as they say, this kind of ‘freedom’ comes with a price. Being at home makes me a bit confuse about the day. For example, I said to my friend, “Have a great weekend!”, and then he replied sarcastically, “What the heck, weekdays is just started!” Oops, it’s Monday. Sometimes when I woke up I with a big question like, “What day is today?” and grabbed my phone with a speed-of-light mode to check the calendar. Seems I can’t remember exactly days and dates, I have to focus on one thing. So I’m going with the dates. And I know, today is October 30. Yay!


So, I got challenged to worked on Grazia Living October issue, which I’ve never done that kind of article before. I have to say that I’ve had a hard time doing it. Not just because of the super tight deadline, but theoritically I know nothing about interior designs so I totally racked my brains for this article. When I finished writing it, suddenly my boss wanted me to change the layout, also the writing, which I have to rewrite everything. Well, once again, I’m being challenged. Thank God I’ve nailed it, and I’m proud with what I’ve done.

123-126 LIVING IT UP-page-001 123-126 LIVING IT UP-page-002 123-126 LIVING IT UP-page-003

It’s been almost a month since I quit my job last September. The main question is always be, “What’s next?” Well, now I’m still working as a contributor for the magazine I’ve worked for more than 4 years, Grazia Indonesia. And I can’t wait for better and better things that life could offer. I’m open to all the possibilities, new things that could add some values to my both professional and personal life. There are a lot of things I’d like to do, there are a lot of destinations I’d like to visit, and a lot of experiences I’d like to feel, and make shitload stories about it. So, here I am now, and I am ready! 🙂