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If you have to pick two between Love, Happiness, and Kids, what would you choose?

If you interested in answering that question, you may watch Friends with Kids (2012). Reviewing films on the blog actually not my forte (except if it’s a job, or get I paid for it), but this indie romantic-comedy has touched me in some way. Plus, since I’m a big fan of Bridesmaids (2011), my thought that this film must be something (hello again Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm, Chris O’Dowd). And heck I’m right.

Meet Ben & Missy (Wiig & Hamm), a married couple and were once in such deep lust, Leslie & Alex (Rudolph & O’Dowd), an ordinary married couple with two kids, and Julie & Jason (Jennifer Westfeldt & Adam Scott), best-friends-for-life who live in the same apartment building. When they gather together at a fine dining restaurant, Ben-Missy and Leslie-Alex are announcing that they are both expecting a child. With that announcement, Julie and Jason realize that their ‘clocks’ are ticking to have kids, just like their friends. Fearing that they can’t have kinds (because they both haven’t find their love), finally they decided to have a child together, while seeking life partners somewhere. I know that this plot presumably predictable, but please, this film will touch you beyond that (at least for me).

This casual-parenthood movie filled with clever dialogues. I love how Westfeldt (she plays Julie, also the director, producer, and made the screenplay) shows how parenthood defines character and the painful truths regarding the issue. It’s funny and touching, and it stings at the same time either about marriage life, parenthood, or about the complexity of a friendship between man and woman.

Don’t ask about the cast, because for the cast is a perfect (and powerful) ensemble.

This film provides you like a ‘crunchy’ harmony, and for that you will not get bored to watch this over and over again (at least for me, when I can’t stop munching cassava chips).

Here’s the trailer.

Other cast: Edward Burns, Megan Fox.

Awww, I’m flattered reading this. The great feeling when someone is trusting your review. Giga thanks, Tulus! 😉

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Gw bukan orang yang menyukai franchise dari film “Planet Of The Apes”. Kenapa? Karena seperti memberi gw perasaan yang aneh menonton film tentang sekumpulan monyet yang dapat berbicara dan bertingkah-laku seperti manusia yang ternyata juga ingin menguasai bumi dari manusia. Bagi gw, cukuplah gw menonton monyet-monyet yang bisa ngomong dengan dubber suara Komeng di salah satu rubrik pada acara ngerja-ngerjain orang “Spontan” yang terkenal dengan jargon khas nya “SPONTAN. UHUY!”

Lalu kenapa akhirnya kenapa gw menonton film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ? Satu-satunya alasan adalah, karena rekomendasi dari seseorang yang seleranya amat sangat gw percayai, yaitu Ruri Nurulia Fitri/ Ruri (Blog Pribadinya ).

Siapa Ruri ?

Ruri itu teman kampus gw, saat ini dia bekerja sebagai salah satu jurnalis atau mungkin editor di salah satu majalah wanita di Indonesia. Sebenarnya tidak ada alasan pasti kenapa gw sangat percaya selera dari Ruri, tapi turns out gw membeli HP HTC karena…

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